Paulo Canilhas Exhibition, The Persistent Illusion of Time

The Persistent Illusion of Time, April 7 – May 10

The exhibition “the persistent illusion of time” is a new chapter of the collection “How many ways do you have to count time”, a collection that aims to provoke a reflection on the notion of time, on the way it passes and the memories that left on us.

“How many ways do you have to count time” collection does not intend to be a nostalgic act (…but it can also be) it intends to be an observation/reflection on the experience we have with everything that surrounds us, an experience now even closer of “things”, a result, perhaps, of the drastic changes that these last two years have promoted in us and in the habits and routines that mark the pulse of our time.

In this exhibition, a series of paintings, seek to explore the repetitive side of time and the sense of the past of our existence in parallel with the ticking of the clock that ambiguously marks our present, a second, always, before the future.

Welcome to the exhibition “the persistent illusion of time”.

“The distinction between past, present and future is nothing but a firm and persistent illusion.”

Albert Einstein