Vera de Serpa Soares

Vera de Serpa Soares
Born in 1996 in Portalegre, Alentejo, Portugal.
Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon with a degree in Painting (2020).
Currently living and working between Portalegre and Lisbon.

Group exhibitions
2020 – CONTROVERSO – Online exhibition – Painting finalists
2019 – “Afinidades & Transparências: novos artistas, outras propostas”, Olivia Reis Art Gallery
2019 – “Os paraísos não são todos iguais”, Student Association Gallery (AEFBAUL), Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon

My work derives from various dimensions of contemplation about the visual space, which materialize through mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture and installation.
There is an interest on the corporeality of matter, its potencial and limits, caracteristics, temperament and essence. I often work with found objects, in which I uncover small motives and textures that in many instances end up becoming the guiding thread of the artistic process, and it’s what eventually shapes the outcome.
I’m drawn to concepts that make up the pictorial space, such as light and shadow, plane, point and line, volume and emptiness, which combined with the imperfection of the gesture itself, makes for a sort of organic minimalism, a frail but pure geometry. This process grants the work a rather poetic intimacy, that calls for a more attentive and contemplative look and invites the observer to decipher and create new meanings.