Mark Thompson



My primary drive as an artist is to try to make sense of my place in the world. Through the caprices and inconsistencies of memory, I hope to access a kind of collective memory of place.

I do not seek to illustrate a particular place in point of fact, but rather develop and ultimately ‘make‘ a version of the world seen through the isolation of personal memories. The mind/body distinction – the phenomena of the mind seeming to look out at the world from behind the eyes – forms the basis of my attempt to understand and record the world through my own consciousness.

The paintings in particular are works of memory – the slow development or exposure of a photograph being both a useful metaphor and an actuality in my practice. The filter of memory appears to retain only what is personally important, and the inevitable mix of my own history and experience fills in the gaps. Only that which remains is important – the extraneous and fleeting are not registered. The final image is therefore a remnant, the world distilled. This remembered world inevitably fades and decays, and I catch all I can before there is nothing left. This is my starting point.

The long stretches of time needed to make both paintings and photographs, complement the slow filtering process. My preoccupation with making photographs during the last moments of the day, for example, is part of that process; the extended moment – the un-decisive moment – allow the image to become a record of time passing. There is an inherent melancholy in this as each image is something already gone. It is the seeing of things for the last time.


Born 1972, Peterborough, United Kingdom.
Lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden

1993-7 The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London BA Honours, Fine Art
1991-2 University of Gloucester Foundation Studies
Scholarships and Awards
2004 Villiers David Award Villiers David Foundation
2002 Residency – Bergen, Norway Stiftelsen 3,14/Ryvarden Fyr
2002 The Gilchrist – Fisher Award Rebecca Hossack Gallery, UK
2000 The Florence Trust Residency London, UK
1998 The Rootstein Hopkins Travel Scholarship Scandinavia
1997 The Duveen Travel Scholarship Iceland
1996 The Margaret Pulsford Book Award The Slade School of Fine Art

Selected Exhibitions
2018 Art Karlsruhe with Schacher – RfK. Germany
2018 Metropolis Thompson’s Gallery, London
2017 Platzverweis Schacher – Raum für Kunst, Germany
2017 Summer Salong Galleri Backlund, Sweden
2017 Recent Paintings G Gibson Gallery, Seattle
2016 Winter Gymnastics (group) G Gibson Gallery, Seattle
2016 Recent paintings Gallery Art Veritas, Sweden
2016 The Portland Collection Welbeck Abbey, UK
2016 At Large (group) G Gibson Gallery, Seattle
2015 New Gallery Art Veritas, Sweden
2015 The London Art Fair Bo.Lee Gallery, London
2014 Group show Cameron Contemporary Art
2014 Recent Paintings Gallery Art Veritas, Sweden
2013 Architektur des Erinnerens Rathaus Weil im Schönbuch, Germany
2013 Winterbilder Schacher – Raum für Kunst, Germany
2013 At the End of Light Anne Reed Gallery, USA
2011 New Paintings Wyer gallery, London
2011 Thin Ice (group) Sun Valley Art Centre, USA
2011 Internationale Kunstausstellung Burg Kalteneck, Germay
2011 Blickwechsel Schacher – Raum für Kunst, Germany
2010 New Paintings from Europe G. Gibson Gallery, USA
2010 Neuschnee Galerie Contact, Germany
2010 Featured Artist The Barefoot Gallery, UK
2009 Summer Show G. Gibson Gallery, USA
2009 Summer Show Medici Gallery, London
2008 Three Painters G. Gibson Gallery, USA
2008 Drawings Gallleri Parken, Bergen, Norway
2007 Weathered Beldam Gallery, Brunel University, UK
2007 Great Out Doors G Gibson Gallery, Seattle, USA
2007 An Era of Solitude G Gibson Gallery, Seattle, USA
2007 Breaking Silence – Works on Paper O3 Gallery, Oxford, UK
2006 The Promise of Happiness Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, USA
2006 Points of Departure Galleri Formidable, Drammen, Norway
2005 Silent Being – A Triptych Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
2005 Points of Departure Galleri Formidable, Drammen, Norway
2004 Waiting Galleri Formidable, Kulturhaven, Oslo
2004 The Oxford Show (Group) Modern Art Oxford, UK
2003 Paintings Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
2003 Paintings Galleri Ryvarden, Norway
2003 Paintings Eidfjord Kommune Galleri, Norway
2003 Paintings Gallery 3,14, Bergen, Norway
2003 Paintings Tyssedal, Norway
2002 Art London (Group) Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
2002 Paintings M.K.Ciurlionis Museum of Art, Lithuania
2002 The Gilchrist – Fisher Award Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
2001 Scape (Group) Prenelle Gallery, London
2001 Thirteen (Group) The Florence Trust, London
2000 Art Futures (Group) The Barbican, London
1999 Solo Show The Proud Galleries, London
1998 Award Winners (Group) The Air Gallery, London
1998 The Poetry of Place Bury Museum & Art Gallery, UK
1998 Art Futures (Group) Business Design Centre, London
1997 Summer Show (Group) The Piccadilly Gallery. London
1996 Twelve Painters (Group) Alternative Arts, London

The Beldam Collection, Brunel University
The McGraw Hill Collection
The Government Art Collection, UK
The Cowley Manor Collection
The Microsoft Corporation Collection
Numerous private collections worldwide

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2017 Review – Visual Art Source, Seattle (Matthew Kangas)
2017 Review – the Seattle Times (Michael Upchurch)
2014/15 A Journey Through the Senses – published by Studio Boteus, Sweden
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