Lotta Hellström

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Lotta Hellström

The nature is often in my work as a theme and a profound ground.
As a kind of scene where different events are played. People often mention that it feels like Swedish
and Scandinaviens nature, with bleched light colors and a white light.
The folkcloric northern naturehistory, endless landscapes where the smallness of man gets a specific
role. Uninhabited areas where man even makes a print, the history and histories that breaths and are
told throughout time. It may feel like the language is shifting, like in a timless story that gets its
own life. The viewer can choose ones own story.
In this landscape i as my own explorer, wish to continue the journey, to se what stories that will be
played. Or maby its in the nothingness, an emptyness that are waiting for something to appear.
Its a cind of mystery thats interest me, the hidden parts that might be there or not, the things we
cannot see and the things we see, what is it that really surround us ?
Sometimes i work only through fantasy, memories. Sometimes i start with a photo from a paper,
but the motive always become my own, its never an detailed imaging. The tecnice is mostly in oil
or acrylic on canvas, sometimes with fragments of pastel, pencil and chalk.

Born 1970

Konsthögskolan i Trondheim 2003-2007
Gäststudent Konsthögskolan Valand 2005

Restaurang Folkhemmet, Stockholm 2003
Vasco Advicers, Stockholm 2003
Galleri Bergman, Stockholm 2006
Hotel Diplomat, Stockholm 2008
Vincontoret, Tidaholm 2009

Galleri Kit, Trondheim 2005-06
Trondelagsutstillingen, Trondheim 2003-07
Galleri Ismene, Trondheim 2006
Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg 2007
Galleri Arnstedh-Kullgren,  Båstad 2008
Galleri Ismene, Trondheim 2011 ( tillsammans
med bla. Per Kirkeby )

Gålöstipendiet 1998
Våga Se stipendiet 2006
Konstnärernas Hjälpfond 2008
Emma Ricklunds Stiftelse 2009
Svensk Norska samarbetsfonden 2010

Lotta Hellström often put into abstract elements in the composition, and sometimes lets face painting artwork in its own dimension. The art is painted in oil, sometimes with a hint of pencil and sometimes pastel chalk. She looks at and often get inspiration from pictures in books and magazines. She never work with direct imaging, but can use a photo as a foundation which she then makes his own. For it can Lotta add another image, or anything else that she finds interesting. Intuition and flexibility are involved in the process, therefore, must work their own lives and do not always like she imagined.