Jordi Artigas

Jordi Artigas
Spain, 1963

The artistic work of Jordi Artigas is the result of his constant search for new natural and
earthy pigments; a profound evolution in his career as an artist that at this moment is in full
creative maturity. This evolution has led him to his newest pictorial series of striking
abstracts characterized by the use of materials as diverse as coffee, dyes, acrylic
pigments, oil and a long list of others, giving his work a very powerful and almost sculptural
aspect. His paintings are an internal reflection of his mind, both conceptual and
expressionist, in which we find almost savage brushstrokes mixed with textures, symbols
and intentional furrows. Despite the use of all of these various elements, his work curiously
reflects serenity and balance.
In Artigas’s recent work, we can clearly observe reminiscences of Tapies, Pollock, Rothko
and other masters of Informalism and Abstract Expressionism.
His chromatic works are carefully balanced featuring wide brushstrokes that are quite
dynamic; the result of the tension between the conscious and the unconscious. Able to
transmit with just a few strokes or the agglutination of various materials a surprising final
Thanks in part to international fairs and gallery exhibitions in which he has participated,
Artigas’ work can be found in private collections throughout the world including New York,
Milan, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Hamburg, London and Brussels, among others.
Kate Caiazza
i le gallery, Spain

I make art as a way to understand this diverse world. I have two different lines of work, one
which tries to capture what I see around me and the other is an expression of my internal
reactions to this reality; in my abstract work is where I let my imagination fly. It is in this
work that you can see the influences of my original desire to be a sculptor, fusing different
materials (resins, wood, iron, coffee grounds, glue, glass and endless pigments) to create
works that often surprise me. Until they are complete, my intention does not become clear
to me and I am sometimes moved by the power of their expression.

1983 IADE School of Interior Design, Barcelona
1981 Massana School, Barcelona
1979 School of Applied Arts, Zaragoza
1975 Academy of Fine Arts and Drawing of Cañada, Zaragoza
Various courses and workshops with contemporary painters and sculptors, Barcelona
and New York
2021 Galeria Herraiz, Madrid, Spain
2021 Business Club 23, Barcelona, Spain
2020-2021 Hotel Me, Sitges, Spain
2019 Earth: Jordi Artigas, I le gallery, Sitges, Spain
2018 Miramar Exhibition Hall, Sitges, Spain
2017 Galería Jordi Artigas, Sitges, Spain
2014 Galería Ámbit, Barcelona, Spain
2012 Galería Salduba, Zaragoza, Spain
2011 Geko Exhibition Hall, Formentera, Spain
2010 Exhibition hall, Ibiza City Hall, Spain
2001 Sala La Mar, Zaragoza, Spain
2000 Galería Ágora, Zaragoza, Spain
1999 Sala La Masía, San Cugat, Spain
1997 Sala Corbatón, Calafell, Spain
1996 Art Damma, Calafell, Spain
1987 Exhibition and conference hall of Zaragoza CAI, Spain
1985 Exhibition hall, Calafell City Hall, Spain
2020-2021 Galeria Herraiz, Madrid, Spain
2018-2020 Various exhibitions, i le gallery, Sitges, Spain
2001-2008 Various exhibitions, Galería Giorgio Serafinni, Calafell, Spain
1990-1995 Various exhibitions, Galería Giorgio Serafinni, Calafell, Spain
2021 The Other Art Fair, Dallas, USA
2021 The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, USA
2021 Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
2019, 2021 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
2019, 2021 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
2019-2020 Affordable Art Fair Milan
2018 Marbella Art Fair, Spain
2018 Calafell art Fair, Spain
2019 Finalist, Concurs de Pintura Sanviçens, Sitges, Spain
1986 Interior design, Burberry offices, Barcelona
1984 FAD Interior design prize, Louie Vega discotech
1983 Best Interior design, Morago Project, Milan
1976 City of Zaragoza Children’s prize for Drawing
1975 Spanish National Children’s prize for Sculpture, Barcelona