Stefan Thunström

I work with recycling art, old things are replaced with new modern things in our homes without them being the least bit broken. There is so much you can find at flea markets. It is never difficult to find exciting objects, but it is hard to create interesting art from it. Inspiration from Steampunk, Dark Art, Raw and Lowbrow

My paintings are the opposite of my sculptures with strong colours in different shades. Ingenious texts, mysterious symbols, words and sometimes poems are something I use in my paintings.

The paintings usually represent a being in Nordic folklore and stories I have heard from old relatives. I want with my creation to be able to arouse curiosity, give inspiration to create more of what we already have, you do not have to buy new things all the time.

Liljevalchs Vårsalong, Stockholm 2019.
Liljevalchs vs Hanaholmen, Finland 2019.
Stockholm Art Fair 2014.
FoKo-Art to go 2011 – 2015.