View and buy art from today’s leading artists and experience a curated program of talks and site-specific artist commissions

Redsheep Gallery is dedicated to exhibit the latest works of contemporary art. The gallery selects artists that we want to represent after seeing evidence of their skills and perseverance. We don’t want to follow the old traditions of how a gallery works and want a close contact with artists and give them the options and possibilities. 

We believe that showing artist and their art around the world is more important than to have an art gallery on the right street in the right city.

Our gallery is able to operate at the forefront of the most dynamic international markets. Interactions with artists allow us to explore the latest cultural evolution in the world of art. Redsheep Gallery encourage emerging artists and talented artists.

The gallery exhibits regularly at art spaces and art fairs.

Our gallery is an exhibition platform offering emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional art gallery.
Helping artists gain exposure in the main capitals of the art world.

Our goal is to market our artists and jointly benefit from our successes.
We want our artists to try to achieve their goals and therefore do not want to lock them in their pursuit.