Chiaki Kano

Chiaki Kano was born in Chiba, Japan in 1971 and based to Tokyo.
Graduating from the Photography Course of the correspondence education at Kyoto University of the Arts.I would like to continue photographing landscapes at the centre of the landscape, including the abstract perception and thinking of images in the natural environment with intuitive awareness as perception and vision. I have been photographing landscapes both at home and abroad, including abstracting and thinking about images.

“Water Scape”

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
(Aaron Siskind)

Chiaki Kano is a Japanese artist and photographer of obvious talent and skill. She has participated in several group and solo exhibitions. Her photographs capture details of nature that often escape the distracted human eye, emphasising the intimate contact between man and the eternal beauty of nature and its elements. Looking at her works, the viewer is prompted to ask himself questions, to look at his surroundings with a different eye. Water is a fundamental element in her work. Chiaki sees it as a source, that which gives life and from which everything is generated, an element with a strong esoteric value. Chiaki immortalises pools of water, vegetation in contact with water, water in all its forms, passing through different landscapes but with one common thread. It has always been seen as an element closely linked to regeneration, adaptation, calm and temperance. Through nature, man is able to understand many intrinsic meanings of the world around him. In the photograph “Water Scape”, part of ed.10 of this series, Chiaki captures a water landscape that reflects light and a sense of peace. The colour green predominates, also linked to concepts such as eternity, life and rebirth. The photographer recreates games of light and shadow, with her camera, capturing a moment, freezing it in that place and time. It is very interesting to see and analyse how apparently trivial naturalistic details are able to create new and curious compositions. The aquatic landscape is composed of shapes and lines that seem almost abstract, rarefied,
floating. The entire photograph gives a feeling of lightness, purity and transparency. A manifesto of eternity, a gentle
becoming. The water is transparent, clear and limpid, allowing the surrounding landscape to be reflected and mirrored in it. The photography appears harmonious and balanced, created by a careful eye that is able to capture imperceptible details. Chiaki’s photographs are true works of art and lead to an inner introspection on the part of the viewer, who is forced to explore his relationship with nature. Here it is represented in a pure, ethereal, uncontaminated way. Chiaki creates this work by enclosing within it the end and the beginning of everything. The green reflected in the water leads to the creation of different gradations, creates shades and plays of colour that give dynamism and move the photograph. Although monochrome, it is not monotonous, but extremely curious and interesting. It emits positive vibrations of peace and tranquillity, drawing attention to the more ethereal aspect of nature contained in its very becoming.

Art Curator Ilaria Falchetti